Here is a powerful blessing from Jesus: Blessing in the Divine Will. It may be applied to yourself, to someone near you…or by raising your hand in the direction of the faithful whom you wish to bless…begin:
+In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
I want to bless you (name), with the same blessing Jesus Blessed His Mother Mary,( before He left to be taken at Gethsemane) (His Passion) Through the intercession of Blessed Mary, Mama, and Queen of the Divine Will, I bless you to imprint the triple seal of the Three Divine Persons.
This blessing in the Name of the Father + communicates and imprints in your will, the seal of His Power, restoring Him as sovereign of all, in the name of the Son Jesus + communicates and imprints in your intelligence, the seal of His Wisdom, in the name of the Holy Spirit + the seal of His Love. Restoring the strength of your body and soul, may you be healed from all spiritual and corporal sickness, and may your soul be enriched and embellished with all goodness and virtue, to protect and defend you against the devil, the world and the flesh. Together with Jesus, bless all things created by Him, so you can receive them blesses by Him.
I bless the light, the air, the water, the fire, the food and all things so you can be covered with all blessings. Together with Jesus, I bless your heart +, your mind, your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your hands, your feet, your body, your organs, your breathing, your movement and your whole being.
I bless you to help you. I bless you to defend you. I bless you to forgive you. I bless you to free you from all evil. I bless you to console you. I bless you to make you holy, and I bless you in the name of the Father + and of the Son+ and of the Holy Spirit +.

May God wrap you in His Arms today and give you strength. Father in Heaven through the mystical wounds of Your Son Jesus have mercy on the souls who visit my web pages. Whoever visits this site is automatically prayed for night and day as long as I live God knows who you are and He will apply your petitions. My motto is I will not let the devil have my family, or any family. My soul or any soul, if I can prevent it, through prayer, sacrifice and pain and despair. I will fight the devil tooth and nail, till I take my last breath and then fight him from heaven for souls here on earth.