A Heart for Thee


change my heart

to do away with

that portion..

that still lives

undiminished in me.

So make this heart

that it no longer contains

anything earthly or human:

that it can only be a heart

for Thee and your presence

be its reward.

"Breath on me..

breath of God,

until my heart is pure.

Until with You

I have one will

to live and to endure."

Jesus & Mary I give you my will.

Divine Will come reign in me.


My Heart was opened on

calvary to remind

you that My Love

and Compassion are

endlesslypoured out.

My Heart continues to be open in the

Eucharist where

I am the Living Bread

I Am with you in the

Eucharist. in

My Word, in the presence of others

and in My Heart.

I Love you more..

than you can imagines.

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Pardon and Mercy.