February 18, 2011 8:13 pm

There is a daunting task ahead of us. One that is far more complex than any of us dream of or can even perceive at this point in our lives. We are not looking where we are suppose to look. Instead we are looking in the complete opposite direction from where God wants us to look and go.

We only see what we want to see and what the world wants us to see and hear about.. We only are looking at things through blind eyes.

Eyes that have been clouded by the world through newspapers, radio and tv. drugs and songs that destroy all that is good in the world.

Everyday, we awake to the constant drumming of voices telling us what is happening in parts of the world. And only the bad things of the world nothing that would help us to realize, that all people everywhere, are at the place in their lives that God wants them to be at this moment in time. A place through His infinite wisdom will lead us to heavenly heights if we trust in His Mercy and Goodness.

If people reached out to everyone, no matter the color, race or religion and helped them see God, through the way they are treated by us, and how we act toward them . Would not this world be a better place?  Instead of telling people and countries what they should do and say, Is it not better to help our fellow human being see that they are worthy of our love, our help and our understanding.

All of us has a mission in this life and that is to help one another not kill one another through words and actions. But actually listen to people their concerns, their worries. their joys. WE need to stop and truly listen to all the people of the world in all countries, all states. all religions and all races.

No matter what religion or race or country, you belong in the ecumenical circle of Gods Love and Grace.

Everyone of us has the daunting task of bringing God to those who do not know HIM.

 Everyone of us has the daunting task of stopping the bullying that is going on in our schools.

The daunting task of getting rid of drug dealers and the drugs that are on the streets.

The daunting task of helping our priests and ministers BRING THE WORD OF GOD TO OUR FELLOW MAN, not condemning them.

Everyone of us needs to reach out to the world and help people learn to love each other as Jesus loved us.

We need to break out of our 4x4 world and learn and educate ourselves about the other people in our world. Not by condemning them for what they believe, but rather to understand that God put them where they are, not us. He gave everyone a different religion, a different set of circumstances, but we need to realize through these circumstances is the road God put us on to reach Heaven.

Do not be afraid, the future will be scarey for those who do not have faith but it is the ones that have the faith that will have the undaunting task of leading their fellow man to GOD.

We have to reach out to our fellow man and bring them back to God or bring God to them through our actions and prayers.

People have to start going to church whatever faith they profess, and ask Gods blessing for themselves and family before it is too late. 

The time is coming when God will say I have had enough and He will show us in His way where we have failed HIM in our lives.

Do not scoff at Garanbandal, Medugorje and the messages from the saints.  The time is coming that all the words of Mary and Jesus will come to pass.    

Are you up to the challenge of even just one day reaching out to someone and helping them. Not pass them by but actually helping them . No task is so small that it goes unnoticed by GOD.

Are you willing to turn even a quarter at a time, to change to be open to everyone, to teach,to help ,to educate people about the everlasting Glory of Heaven where we all will one day be with,  the GOD that made us that LOVES us and  cares for us.

Be not afraid as Pope John Paul II said but go out and change the world through your actions and prayers.

You do not know how long you have to live on this earth.

Make the time here well spent so when you come to meet your Heavenly Father you will not be ashamed of what you did not do. But happy that you brought others to GOD through your actions. 

God Bless

Dorothy Glinski

Shenandoah, PA












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