Every once in awhile Our Lord takes us to a desert a place that is far far far away from this life.  In this desert He seems to desert us  He puts us on our own so to speak.  He does not answer our cries for help He seems like He is very remote and far away.  He does this for a purpose to try to make us see what the world is like from a human point and from a spiritual point.  From the wiles of Satan to the Glory of God. In this desert we feel lonely, unloved useless  yes all the tactics of Satan and He allows Satan to use every wile he can to break apart the heavenly chain going to Heaven.  He tests Our Love Our Faith Our Reserve at times He shows His face and give us strength but all too often and for very long stretches of time He stays hidden and watches us to see whether we give up on praying, on Him on our faith etc.
Oh the fight is not easy trust me there are a million, billion tricks the devils has up his sleeve to stop us from trusting the mercy of God. But when we feel like it is useless to pray that is the time to bring out the chain to heaven and start praying non stop the Divine Mercy chaplet.  either all at once or continuously all during the day.  It will keep you focused on the Mercy of God.
Then look up and you will see the light from heaven shining down upon you and your Father in heaven saying well done.  You have passed the test I am here do not be afraid.
This will not be the only test God will give there are many tests He will send us we will fail some of them and we will get our faces covered with the mud of satan but we have to keep looking for the water of eternal life and wipe off the mud.  And go forward again never forgetting that after all our trials and sufferings and crosses  there will be a place that is filled with peace love which will be ours for eternity.
Keep fighting Keep praying even when all seems dark.  because the reward is being with YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN RESTING ON HIS LAP WITH HIS ARMS AROUND YOU.  


Lord tonight
There is a type of stillness in the air that if I  listen closely I  can hear whispers of thoughts that tell me how great your mercy is for me.  How much you love and care for my well being. 
There is a type of seeing, that if I try hard I can see something but no words could describe it, and at times what I see with the minds eyes cannot really be put into words. Because the place or road is far from here.  It is the road that you have laid out for me to follow. 
The reason is it so far away is because in my utter stupidity I am not following your will for my life.  I get up every morning  thinking that I can handle all the world can throw at me. But I cannot. 
 The devil lays snares and tether hooks in my path to get me to follow him making everything look smooth and easy and so  instead of doing your will I follow him, because it looks a lot easier and smoother than the one you want me to take.   
You stand by looking so sad with the tears in your eyes and say to yourself I died so that she (he) can have eternal life in heaven with my Father to experience all the joy and happiness that my Father wanted to give His children.
My children, My Father gave all of you crosses to bear in this life some more than others. They are really blessings in disguise. They are helping you to gain your inheritance in heaven.  As I had to bear my cross to save you from eternal damnation and bring my Fathers mercy and love on you.  So too must you carry your cross by doing so you will bring others to heaven if you offer your pain, through unemployment, divorce, sickness, financial problems, and in time God will give you the peace you long for and want.
Following His will for your life will not be easy. It is a long, and painful journey but in the end you will find the happiness you never dreamed possible.
There will be a feeling that encompasses you so strongly that you can feel a closeness like no other. You will literally feel Gods merciful arms around you holding you tight and close to His Heart.  He Loves You Like No Other ever will.
You are wrapped in a very strong embrace like no other.  You are in an embrace so full of love and warmth you never want to leave.
Even during the day the love encircles you so strongly you are afraid to move because you are afraid it will disappear.
Oh how beautiful is the path that leads to God.  One that cannot never be described.  
Gods Hands lifting you ever so gently and putting you next to His Heart of Love and surrounding you with His Precious Blood as you close your eyes and the warmth of His Love when you awake.
No   no words can ever discribed those feelings
You are on a spiritual journey that is different from mine the road that God has you on is where He wants you now.  You my child are closer to God than you can even imagine.  He has you right by the wound in His side and He is holding you tight.
Look up to the stars you will see an all encompassing God holdng his Hand out for you.