By the Voice of your Blood, O Jesus,
                           I would press you, solicit you, importune you.
                           Though you seem to reject my supplications
                           I will not leave your bleeding feet until you hear me.
                           Too many graces, too many mercies
                           flow from your Blood for me not to hope in its efficacy.
                           Then, O Jesus, 
                           by the Precious Blood
                           seven times shed for the welfare of all,
                           by each drop of that sacred price of our redemption,
                           by the tears of your immaculate mother, 
                           I implore you,
                           hear my earnest prayer.
                            (here specify your request)
                           O Jesus, during all the days of your mortal life 
                           you consoled so many sufferers, 
                           healed so many infirmities, 
                           raised so often a sinking courage, 
                           you will not fail to have pity 
                           on one who cries to you from the depths of anguish.  
                           Oh!  No, it is impossible.
                           Another profound sigh from my heart, 
                           and from the wound in your own 
                           there will flow to me upon a wave 
                           of your merciful Blood the grace so ardently desired.  
                           O Jesus, Jesus, 
                           hasten the moment when you will change my tears into joy, 
                           my sighs into thanksgiving.
                           Holy Mary, 
                           source of the divine Blood, 
                           I implore you not to lose this occasion 
                           of glorifying the Blood which made you immaculate.