Prayer to the Mother of Sorrows

O Mother of Sorrows, by the anguish and love with which thou didst stand at the Cross of Jesus, stand by me in my last agony.  To thy maternal heart I commend the last three hours of my life.  Offer these hours to the Eternal Father the most Precious Blood of Jesus, mingled with your tears on Calvary, that I may obtain the grace of receiving the Holy Communion with the most perfect love and contrition before my death, and that I may breathe forth my soul in the adorable presence of Jesus.  Dearest Mother, when the moment of my death has at length come, present me as your child to Jesus.  Ask Him to forgive me for having offended Him for I know not what I did.
Beg Him to receive me into His Kingdom of glory to be united with Him.  Forever.   Amen 

Most holy and afflicted Virgin,
Queen of Martyrs,
you stood beneath the cross,
witnessing the agony of your dying Son.
Look with a mother’s tenderness
and pity on us, as we kneel before you.
We venerate your sorrows, and place
our request with dutiful confidence
in the sanctuary of your wounded heart.
Present them, we beseech you, on our behalf to
Jesus Christ, through the merits of His own most
Sacred Passion and Death, together with your
sufferings at the foot of the cross. Through the
united efficacy of both, obtain the granting of
our petition.

To whom shall we have recourse in our wants and
miseries if not to you, Mother of Mercy? You
have drunk so deeply of the chalice of your Son,
you can with compassion receive our sorrows.

Holy Mary, your soul was pierced by a sword of
sorrow at the sight of the passion of your divine
Son. Intercede for us and obtain from Jesus these
petitions if they be for His honor and glory and
for our good and the good of our nation.

That our nation’s leaders remove those U.S.
Marshals who guard abortion chambers and station
them on airplanes to protect innocent travelers,

Our Lady of Sorrows, hear us.

That our president may call for a moratorium on
abortion while the war against terrorism is waged,

Our Lady of Sorrows, hear us.

That all those injured in the terrorist attacks
recover quickly,

Our Lady of Sorrows, hear us.

That the souls of the departed rest in the eternal
peace of your Crucified Son, Jesus Christ,

Our Lady of Sorrows, hear us.

That the families of all those lost in the
terrorist attack may know the comfort of Christ’s
constant love,

Our Lady of Sorrows, hear us.

That the parents, grandparents and health care
professionals who kill the innocent by abortion
may receive the strength to seek Christ’s

Our Lady of Sorrows, hear us.

That the biologists, scientists, pharmaceutical
company executives, medical school professors and
others who are involved in the daily killing of
the preborn may recognize the evil they
perpetrate, and repent,

Our Lady of Sorrows, hear us.

That our soldiers, firefighters, policeman, and
medical personnel will be protected by the grace
of God,

Our Lady of Sorrows, hear us.

May God wrap you in His Arms today and give you strength. Father in Heaven through the mystical wounds of Your Son Jesus have mercy on the souls who visit my web pages. Whoever visits this site is automatically prayed for night and day as long as I live God knows who you are and He will apply your petitions. My motto is I will not let the devil have my family, or any family. My soul or any soul, if I can prevent it, through prayer, sacrifice and pain and despair. I will fight the devil tooth and nail, till I take my last breath and then fight him from heaven for souls here on earth. Prayer requests for any reason: contact