Prayer for Despair

I feel that everyone and everything is against me. I look at others peoples lives and they all so happy and carefree and here I am a nobody, with no clear path or way to sort out the problems of my life.

Every time I start to get up on my feet, something comes along and knocks me down again. What is the use of even trying or hoping? Everything I hope to accomplish falls sort or is refused. I ask You for things and I never get an answer. I hope and before long that even gets buried in my self doubts.

Lord where are you? Are you even listening to my pleas of anguish now?

Please Lord all hope for is that You give me the strength and wisdom to pick myself up from this pit of despair. To help me put my life back together again. To help me learn to accept Your will for me, whatever that may be.

Help me to accept the life You have planned for me.

I know the devil likes people to be in a state of confusion and despair. That is how he gets the souls to hell.

Please, Please come to my aid. I need You now more than ever. Help me to reach out to others, so that

by helping them my feelings of unworthiness will disappear. Help me Lord not to blame others because of the way I feel. Help me to see that my life

matters and that I am important in Your eyes.

Help me to see that You have a special job for me

to do on earth, that only I can do. No one else.

Help me Lord, now and forever until I am with You in Paradise.

Thank You

by Dorothy Glinski