Maria Valtorta's Beatification and Canonization



"Lord Jesus and Mary full of Grace,
at this hour of Divine Mercy,
 I ask You  in virtue of Your Passion and Co-Passion
 - for the Beatification
 and Canonization of Maria Valtorta. 
 I ask that You see to it that her writings 
be freely propagated and
read throughout the world.
  And I ask that You 
 overcome all obstacles
 obstructing these requests. 
 I ask this of You, in  virtue of
Your Passion and Co-Passion,
 and within this hour of 3:00,
 the  hour of Divine Mercy,
the hour in which Jesus
told Saint Faustina
that He  would refuse no request
of a soul that asks. 
Thank You and Bless You,
 Tim Fromann composed this prayer, 
If there is a miracle, you can send the evidence to the Bishop of Florence, Italy, and to the Vatican Congregation for the
cause of Beatifications & Canonizations (unsure of the exact name, but you can find it at (website)