Grant O lord, that my own heart may be
touched, as yours is, at the passing of all souls into eternal life. You experience deep and loving relationships while on earth and wept at the death of your friend, Lazarus.

In great confidence, I pray for all my friends and loved onves who are no longer here on this journey of faith. I pray also for those who are facing at this moment their own last agony. How wonderful it is to know that I can support and comfort them in their final moments.

When I am sad at the death of those who were close to me, may my sadness be firmly supported by my faith that life is merely changed not ended that those I love are still with me though unseen. O Lord, increase my faith in the great mystery of eternal life. Teach me to live each day knowing that all here passes and that when we leave we will travel very lightly.

May you, Lord Jesus Christ, wlecome me and all those for who I pray into eternal life at the moment pleasing to you.

Glory be to you one God, Father Son and Holy Spirit now and forever.

Mary, Mother of the living pray for us. Amen

from St. Benedicts Abbey Benet Lake Wisconsin