Dear Lord Jesus and Mary Most Holy bring your servant Pope John Paul II cause for canonization to a fruitful begining.
He was a man that taught us how to forgive even when someone tried to harm him.
Help us learn forgiveness.
He was a man that taught peace between nations.  He wanted peace for the world.
Help us to foster peace in our own lives.
He was a man of love and compassion and he showed it many times in his travels throughout the world.
Lord help me to show love and compassion to my fellow man and to pray for the world that they may learn about You and Mary.
He showed us how to be strong when we lose someone we love.
Lord Help me to be able to be stron when I lose someone I love through sickness or sudden death.
He showed us how to accept our suffering by carrying his cross of suffering thoughout the years.  Never complaining even to the end.
Even though it was frustrating especially the last month of his life.
Lord help me to accept my suffering through the daily trials that you choose to send me, whether, it is through a loss of job, a loss of a love one, or through the pain of sickness.
Lord, he had a special love for the Holy Eucharist and for Your Mother.
Help me to develop that love for the Eucharist and for your Mother.
Lord Jesus, Thank You for sending us such a great man to show us  how to handle the trials of our life.
Please through your mercy and goodness make John Paul a saint.  A saint that we can relate to in our daily lives.
Thank you Lord for Pope John Paul II 
by Dorothy Glinski
Shenandoah, PA
April 3, 2006
This prayer was inspired at mass on Divine Mercy Sunday during the Consecration.