Lord Jesus, within nine months you began to take flesh in the womb of the Virgin of Mother of Guadalupe.
You, who had sanctified YOUR Mother, did the same to St. John the Baptist while he was still in the womb of St Elizabeth.
Through the intercession of the Virgin Mother of Guadalupe, who appeared to Juan Diego as she carried YOU in her womb, sanctify and protect our lives that YOU have given us.
May this devotional prayer be a worthy instrument in giving you honor, dearest Sto Niņo de Vientre.
YOU allowed the first moment of YOUR human life as Redeemer and Savior to take place inside the caring womb of Mary.
We address this devotion to YOU, Sto Niņo de Vietre for all the unborn and their parents as well as for all those lives are threatened by the present culture of death, especially the sick, the handicapped, the aging and many others.

Ma...BUHAY!!!! Jesus in Mary's womb...